Suava – Bike Chick

About Suava:
Age: 20
Astrological Sign: Libra
Likes: There’s a first time for everything. I love girl on girl action!
Job: Dancer
Sexiest Thing Ever Done: Took a girl into a club toilet and licked her out until she squirted in my face!
Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: Had sex with two guys in a hotel. We also used sex toys!
Favorite Part: Eyes
Why Your Favorite?: They’re nice and Blue
Biggest Fantasy: Becoming a real naughty Porn star!
First Sexual Experience: Slept with a guy on new years in a tent.
Last Sexual Experience: With my boyfriend at his place. We did 69 and Anal it was amazing.

We deliver intelligent erotica with an Aussie twist that is fresh & exciting!


About Adrianna:
Age: 22
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Likes: I like to play basketball, staying fit, and singing and dancing.
Job: Hospitality
Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I had sex on top of a washing machine- it added a lot of extra vibrations and excitement!
Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: I masturbated in the school toilets with my friend during school hours.
Favorite Part: My ass and also my hair
Why Your Favorite?: My ass because its nice and plump- and my hair because of the way it flows and how shiny it is.
Biggest Fantasy: I would love to have sex with an officer in uniform.
First Sexual Experience: I had sex with a girl when I was 14- neither of us knew what we were doing but we figured it out quickly 🙂
Last Sexual Experience: My most recent was with myself- I am always the best!

We deliver intelligent erotica with an Aussie twist that is fresh & exciting!


About Leigh:
Age: 25
Astrological Sign: Libra
Likes: Partying, Festivals, Traveling
Job: Waitress
Sexiest Thing Ever Done: Sex on a balcony in Dubai which is risky because it’s not legal
Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: Sex on acid. Was not good.
Favorite Part: Back
Why Your Favorite?: Backs look good naked
Biggest Fantasy: 2 guys and me in the middle
First Sexual Experience: It’s not worth writing about. It was with a girl from school. We watched some porn and had a bit of a fondle.
Last Sexual Experience: With Petria. She’s dangerous

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